Every mother or father wants the very best for their kids. In desire of that objective, mother and father create tremendous forfeit and go to excellent measures. Nowhere is this more obvious than in nations with immigrant communities, such as New Zealand, Sydney, North america and USA. If requested to describe what is “ the very best”, most mother and father would say: “We want to provide the very best education

Midbrain Activation training is one that is able to stimulate the mind surf known as alpha-theta in a kid, where these surf are able to stimulate the extremely instinct, and this is a confirmed fact. What makes it exciting, exciting is to make the kid Study, Create, Colour and do some actions with his/her sight shut.

The kids are able to learn and do everything with sight shut, such as wondering a card, shade, studying a newspaper's title, wondering something inside a shut box, wondering something behind a walls, walking/cycling/ capturing with sight shut, getting referrals on a PC with sight shut, etc.



We help to brain out the best in your Child

Like millions of parents all over the world, you want to give the best education possible for your child. right ?

And you have send him/her to the best school you could find right ?

But Whats is best education???
Fortunately, we do not have to scratch our heads to discover the answer because one man spent his entire life in search of that answer.

The late eminent educator. Dr Makiti shichida devoted 40 years of his life to explore the capabilities of children and validated his research by creating more the 450 shichida center all over japan. Only a few are found ourside japan.

The purpose of education in the future will not be to create people with heads crammed full of knowledge, but to rear children who know how to effiently use the whole brain. Rearing children with enormous ability, rich creativity, and the capability to make use of high proportion of their brain should be the gold of child rearing-- Professor makoto Shichida

How Wonderfull would ot ne for our Children to be able to speed read have a photographic memory, perform complex mathematical calculation in their heads and achieve a host of other amazing abilities, Done correctly, right brain educaiton can help children succeed not only in academics but in sports, Music , Social Development and life.

Helping a child develop his right brain potential is about raising a child to become the best that he can be Dr Shichida belived that there are no inferior brains, Only Brain that have not been developed properly so that they can achieve their full potential.

Right Brain Education philosophy is that at the heart of Every Child is an einstein, a Mozart and edison Waiting to break free and create the next great invention. It is our responsibility as parents and educators to help them become that driving force that will change the World

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My son Jayant has incredible result through hitanshi academy workshop. He is able to recognise color, currency & text with closed eye in just 1 day