Team Building Activities

There are many different reasons why companies use team building activities. A small sampling of these reasons include: Improving communication, boosting morale, motivation, ice breakers to help get to know each other better, learning effective strategies, improving productivity, learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses and many others. Team building activities can be used by any business, large or small, to promote better teamwork in the workplace, and as most business owners and managers know, great teamwork is one of the key factors associated with a company’s success.

Humen Knot:

  • Starting in a circle, participants connect hands with two others people in the group to form the human knot. As a team they must then try to unravel the “human knot” by untangling themselves without breaking the chain of hands.

Human Spring:

  • Pair up with similarly sized scouts together. Each pair faces each other about two feet apart, with hands up, palms forward, feet shoulder width apart.The two scouts keep their bodies rigid and lean toward each other. Catch yourself by placing your palms against your partner's and pushing yourself back to an upright position.Once trust is in place and the pair is successful, have each pair take a small step apart. Continue springing against each other and stepping apart until they can go no further.As a competition, the team that has successfully sprung with the furthest distance between their feet, wins. But, this gives a big advantage to taller people.As a cooperative activity, add up everyone's distances for a grand total. Then, switch partners and see if a new record can be set.

Snake Trust Building game:

  • The person in the back of the line will guide the participants around the circle barrier by simply tapping the shoulders of the person in front of them, who will tap the shoulders of the person in front of them, and so on, until the person in the front of the line will move towards a throwable. When a throwable is approached, the person in the front will grab the throwable and then be guided to the bucket where they will drop the throwable.When a participant drops the throwable into the bucket, they will then remove their blindfold and move to the back of the line and become the sighted team member. The person who was in the back of the line then puts on a blindfold.

The Mine Field:

  • The idea behind this exercise is to improve team members’ trust, their relationship, and to communicate in a more effective way. You will need an open space such as an empty room or hallway in which you will distribute ‘mines’ that are placed haphazardly around the area. The ‘mine’s can be cones, balls, bottles etc. Team members are paired into teams of two. One team member will be blindfolded and the other can see and talk, but is not allowed to enter the field or touch their partner. The challenge is for the blind-folded person to walk from one side of the field to the other, avoiding the mines by listening to the verbal instructions of their partners. (Optional: Have more than 1 pair walking through the mine simultaneously, so the difficulty of focusing and listening to the right instructions increases)

My daughter Priyal has an incredible sense of knowing colors & operate mobile with blind fold after attending hitanshi academy workshop.

Mrs. Aarti Patel