Mr. Hitesh Sinh Chavda "Motivational Speaker"

  Mr. Anil Tiwari"Branch Head"

  Mr. Jitendra Kori "Project Co-Ordinator"

  Mr. D K Pandey "Marketing Head"


Why Our team better then others

Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless Hanover’s potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.

We work hard, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy what we do and we laugh a lot...most often at ourselves. Click through our Employee Spotlights to learn more about our team and what motivates them.

My daughter Priyal has an incredible sense of knowing colors & operate mobile with blind fold after attending hitanshi academy workshop.

Mrs. Aarti Patel