See what our customers have to say about Hitanshi Academy

Chandraprakash Sharma:

  • Since I was joined Hitanshi Method I was realized that i feel better and better in My Life.The information I was gained with this Program will have a positive impact on how I deal with difficult people going forward. Thank you for offering this session.

Iqbal Desai:

  • Hitanshi Method has by far been one of the most influential personal development programs I have done. It's amazing how much you can do with your mind if you know what to do. I strongly recommend everyone apply this method. It absolutely works. We all owe it to ourselves to make our lives better and better.

Sapan Pattnayak:

  • After attending the Seminar I have noticed a lot of changes in myself. Since doing the course I noticed a huge and immediate improvement in my life.

MS Vhora:

  • We have all heard many times that anyone can control the direction and pattern of their lives if they just know how. In Hitanshi Method, you will learn simple, practical and safe ways to bring about this control.

Devendra Jain:

  • I think a good and hidden force attracts me intentionally to your Seminar because so far Hitanshi Method is improving my life. I also believe that my goals, especially the dearest one ,will be granted to me by using my mind with the help of the Hitanshi Method.

ANIL TIWARI (Parents):

  • I was really shocked when I saw Kashish read whole Book with blind folded Eye. It was an unbelievable moment of my life which I cant explain. I want to say thanks to Hitanshi Academy team who Provide such a beautiful activity which will help to my daughter to improve her memory, concentration, creativity and Reading Sense.


  • I am happy after seing my both daughter(Hema & Sakshi) who can read and write with blind folded Eye. They can solve mathematics puzzle with blind folded Eye. I would suggest and recommend to Parents who are concern about their Kids Development to consider this Program.

My daughter Priyal has an incredible sense of knowing colors & operate mobile with blind fold after attending hitanshi academy workshop.

Mrs. Aarti Patel